SSX 19 pin Reverse series
...the reverse shot !

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M40, M50 and M63
glands available
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  • Available versions


    The SYNTAX® SSX series, designed for professional applications and perfectly compatible with standard Socapex 419 series, is extremely robust being made of thick wall construction machined aluminium alloy, with a hard black anodized finish or black painted finish. The contacts insert is chloroprene rubber, which enables the use of removable contacts, either crimp or solder version. The unit is completely IP67 watertight when mated. Electrical safety and compliance is guaranteed by internal insulation of the shells, obtained through a safety insulating sleeve to prevent electric shock, as well as “first make last break” ground contacts. Grounding rings allow bussing of the ground contacts.
    Locking rings and backshells are designed for easy handling.
    SSX19FV Inline female Photo 1 - 2 -  SSX19MV Inline male (Photo 3 - 4)

    Inline connectors - Associated products: Multicore power cables
    19 x 1,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1915T 19 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1925HP
    12 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1225T 19 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1925PUR
    19 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1925T  
    Energy cables SYNTAX®

    • Overall size

      Photo 1 - Inline female dimensions.
      Photo 2 - Inline male dimensions.

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  • Contacts

    Highly conductive copper alloy contacts

    Gold or silver plated highly conductive copper alloy pins and sockets.
    Crimp or solder-type contacts (see the attachment for technical data).

    Safety insulating sleeve

  • Metric cable glands

    M40, M50 and M63 for SSX Reverse series


     Thread Size

     Clamping Range (mm)

     M 40 x 1.5

     15 - 23

     M 40 x 1.5

     19 - 28

     M 40 x 1.5

     22 - 32

     M 50 x 1.5

     24 - 38,5

     M 63 x 1.5

     36 - 48

     Photo 1 With cable gland M40 - Photo 2 - 3 Con cable gland M63

  • Features for assembling and usage

    Once wiring is carried out, both circular knurling and machined housings for customized wrench jaws on the backshell’s edge contribute to easier locking.
    Photo 1 - A housing that allows dust cap lacing has also been considered. Dust cap is laced through a special high-resistance cable made up of seven stainless strands, covered by an anti-scratch Teflon black tube provided with standard dust cap.
    Photo 2 - Machined housings (2a) for customized wrench (Part N. SVKT-KSW) and marked knurl ridges (2b) for strap wrench (Part N. SVKT-KSTRAP).
    Photo 3 - 4 - Anti-twisting grub screw to prevent unintentional unscrewing of the corrector’s backshell when mating female and male connectors.

  • Spider

    Alternative version of the SSX 19 pin Reverse

    SYNTAX® SSX SPIDER 19 pin connector is an alternative version of the SSX 19 pin standard, designed to get  simple managing of break-in and break-out operations. The special 8-way rubber grommet, fitted in the cable gland terminal, guarantees optimal cable retention and a perfect watertight seal IP67 necessary for outdoor use. Supplied with 8 SYNTAX® MAINFLEX cable leads, it represents the best solution to meet the requirements as for handling and waterproof IP67 protection.

    • The special 8-way rubber insert (A), lodged in the cable gland terminal, offers the opportunity to get optimal cable retention and perfect  IP67 waterproof sealing necessary for outdoor applications.

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Other info

• Ingress protection: IP67-IEC 529 norms
• Salt atmosphere resistance: 96 h IEC 68-21-11
• Operating temperature: -55°C to +125°C
• Shell material: aluminium alloy, machined
• Available: anodized finish or black painted finish
• Insert neoprene rubber
• Cable gland retention: Metric M40-M50-M63 

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