SYNTAX® Cable glands

Metric or PG cable glands,
standard or spiral flex,
metal cable glands,
strain relief mesh grips
and hanger grips

  • Metric Standard

    Cable gland designed for a perfect grip and effortless spanner tight seal. Neoprene washer for a perfect, IP68 - 5 bar watertight sealing. Blade System for optimal strain relief and cable protection combined with a generous clamping range. Multiple threads for secure and rapid assembly. Vibration protection system to eliminate loss of torque.

     • Material: Strong Nylon 6
     • Colour: Black

    • Plastic spiral gland with metric thread

      The spiral gland prevents the cable from damage caused by bending at the connector-cable interface. Therefore, it is commonly used with audio cable, where small signal conductors can be easily damaged.

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  • PG Standard

    The PG standard cable gland provides positive strain relief and water tight sealing. Technical characteristics:
    • Approvals: UL E146370 - CSA LR-50370 - VDE 57086 - SEV 100989
    • Protection: Up to 70 PSI
    • Material: Polyamide - flame retardant, self-extinguishing nylon with neoprene bushing
    • Rated Temperature: -20°C to 80°C (UL), up to+100°C Max
    • Seal IP 68 (International Protection - highest grade), comparable to NEMA 6 classification
      First digit (0-6): Dust Protection - Second digit (0-8): Water Protection
    • Resistant to Salt water, weak acids, weak alcalis, alcohol, ester, ketones, ether, benzene, gas, mineral  oil, animal and vegetable
      oils, gasoline, oil, grease, and common solvents.

    • Spiral flex version

      The SKINTOP® spiral versions are also available (PG 16 and 21 only). The spiral gland prevents the cable from damage caused by bending at the connector - cable interface. Therefore,  SKINTOP® is commonly used with audio cable, where small signal conductors can be easily damaged.

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  • Metal cable clamp

    Besides guaranteeing an excellent mechanical strain relief keeping the cable in the centre of the connector, these cable-clamps are provided with an internal rubber cone bushing ensuring IP67 waterproof protection. The stainless steel screws have elastic anti-vibration washers. AVAILABLE ONLY WITH SPECIAL BACK SHELL

    • Bushing

      Built with elastometric material. It can be used with the metal cable clamp to protect the cable. The bushing enables to use cables with smaller diameter than the nominal.

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  • Basket weave strain relief

    These cable grips, sometimes referred to as “Basket Weave”, are made up of a woven steel wire mesh and a watertight gland nut. This strain relief system is designed to be anti-bending, offering the following key benefits:
    • Impossibility to pull out the cable from the strain relief through lateral force; the more the cable is pulled the
       tighter the grip becomes.
    • Prevention of cable damage caused by flexing. Such a grip design is suited for large diameter cables which
      require a better protection of the internal conductors.

    •  Part N.


       Cable Range

       SYNTAX® Cables fit



       Ø 9.52 to 11.09 mm




       Ø 11.13 to 12.70 mm




       Ø 11.10 to 15.87 mm




       Ø 14.28 to 17.45 mm




       Ø 15.88 to 19.05 mm




       Ø 17.47 to 22.22 mm




       Ø 22.22 to 25.40 mm

      7YPR32SX - 7YPR40SX



       Ø 25.40 to 28.57 mm


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  • Hanger grip

    These heavy duty wire mesh hangers are designed to ensure the right retention of the cable without any sliding or scraping of the external jacket. This item can be used to hang the cable so to protect it from accidental pulls when mounting.

    •  Part N.

       Cable O.D. Min.

       Cable O.D. Max


       12 mm

       16 mm


       16 mm

       18 mm


       19 mm

       21 mm

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