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Crimping tools for manual or pneumatic clamp type 4-8-12-16-18-20 size contacts. Pneumatic clamp crimping tools suited for 185 to 300 mmq single pole power contacts. Connectors mantainance instructions.

  • Contacts details

    Crimp and solder contacts

    Highly conductive copper alloy crimp or solder-type contacts for male and female connectors. Available in gold or silver-plated version.

  • Manual crimp tool


    Precision tool for crimping contacts. It is necessary to equip the gripper with the universal positioner. The tool is equipped with a mechanism gear for controlling crimping cycle complete.

    • Universal positioner


      Universal turret for positioning contacts, essential accessory of the crimping tool, allows precise positioning of the contact around the position where the crimping is carried out.

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  • Pneumatic crimp tool

    For 12-16-18-20 contact size

    Our pneumatic crimping tools are well known for their unequaled reputation for trouble-free, cost saving and adaptability both in military and industrial programs. Whether upper, middle or lower range, the power tools fulfill the same precise crimping requirements as the manual versions. No additional operator training is necessary.
    The compact size and light weight of these tools allows them to be used easily as hand tools, as well as high production bench tools. The hand trigger is designed for equal ease of use by right or left handed operators. Bench mounted, the optional foot valve allows hands-free operation. The bench mount allows the tool to be secured at virtually any angle at the operator's will. The foot valve, when installed in-line with an air supply, makes a portable system which is adaptable to any work bench. Air supply requirements are 5.5 to 8.0 atmospheres clean dry air.
    The system uses standard air fitting readily available in stores.

    Pneumatic crimp: Part N. SVKTCRIMP-A (Photo 2) - Foot valve: Part N. SVKTCRIMP-B (Photo 3)
    Adjustable bench-mount: Part N. SVKTCRIMP-C (Photo 4)

  • Hydraulic crimping tool

    For 4 and 8 contacts size

    Lightweight and compact, this tool is ideal for the compression of connectors on overhead lines and other general electric installation applications. With the benefit of spring loaded handles, the dies can be advanced using only one hand; therefore leaving the other hand free to position the connector. For ease of operation and comfort of the operator, the tool head can rotate by 180 degrees. The built-in safety valve will bypass the oil supply when the maximum pressure is reached. The pressure release system can be easily operated, at any stage of the compression.

    • Crimping accessories



      for cable 4 to 6 mm˛



      for cable 10 mm˛



      for cable 16 mm˛



      for cable 25 mm˛

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  • Inserting tools


    Inserting tools for male and female contacts (it is recommended that a guide pin be used for female contacts).

  • Inserting guide pin

    For female contacts only

    Guide pin to insert female contacts only. Remove the guide pin from the inserted contact and use it for the next contact.
    SVKT20GP (photo 1) - SVKT18GP (photo 2) - SVKT16GP (photo 3) - SVKT12GP (photo 4) - SVKT59GP (photo 5)

  • Removal tool

    SVKTESTR12/16 - 18 - 20

    Only use the recommended removal tool to remove the contact or to adjust its position in the cavity.

  • Crimping and insertion contacts

      1.  Strip the wire.
      2.  Assemble the universal positioner on the crimp tool frame (photo 1).
      3.  Raise and rotate the wire gauge selection knob on the tool frame, to select the correct crimping dimension.
      4.  Place the contact (mating end first) into the crimp tool.
      5.  Insert the stripped wire into the hollow end of the contact. Close the crimp tool arms completely and release.
      6.  We recommend to lubricate insert cavities with lubricant, as isopropyl alcohol, to ease insertion (photo 2).
           DO NOT USE OTHER GREASES OR OILS wich could damage the insert and slip out the pin. 
      7.  Insert the wired contact from the rear of the connector as shown below, using the insertion tool (photo 3).
      8.  When inserting socket contacts, it is recommended to use the guide pin (FEMALE CONTACTS ONLY).
           Remove the guide pin from the inserted contact and use it for the next contact (photo 4-5).
      9.  Apply a slow, even pressure until the contact snaps into position.
    10.  Only use the recommended removal tool to remove the contact or to adjust its position in the cavity.
           Use ofother tools could damage the contact or insert (photo 6).


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