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  • Audio-video connectors

    Camera connectors

    This Audio/Video SYNTAX® connector has been designed for professional broadcasting, especially for outdoor heavy usage. Two shell versions for panel connectors (male and female) and two for inline cable connectors (male and female) allow all possible mating combinations of cables and extension lead systems. Insert arrangement allows 24 audio signal and 6 video contact connections suited for RG59 coaxial cable. The cable gland on the backshell has been specifically designed to host our combined audio/video cable 7YA08V6SX (photo 4)..
    • Male - female inline (photo 2) - Part. N.: SV25/6MVRGCP5N - SV25/6FV-GCP5N
    • Male - female panel (photo 3) - Part. N.: SV25/6MPRGC - SV25/6FP-GC

    Associated product: Hybrid cable 6 x Video + 8 x Digital - Part N. 7YVD6DG8HD
    Hybrid cables SYNTAX®

  • Contacts

    Male - Part N. SVKP59CXGMC

    Female - Part N. SVKP59CXGFC

    Male - Part N. SVKP20GMC

    Female - Part N. SVKP20GFC

  • Audio/Video distribution

    Combined multipin connector input, 8 audio lines XLR + 6 BNC video lines

    Steel stage box for audio and video signal distribution. Audio and video signals conveyed through the exclusive SYNTAX  SV 25/6 multipin audio/video combo connector and XLR and BNC connections.
    Male input version  (photo 1) - Female input version  (photo 2)

    • FRAME
      Steel stage box with trapezoidal section and high mechanical resistance sides, painted in polyepoxidic  anti-scratch black paint. Output connectors on the leaning sides guarantee easy channel identification whan connecting. Channel numbering by indelible laser-carving is also provided. 4 nylon feet sustain the base, ensuring stability and the necessary ground-detachment. On the side opposite to the multipin connector, three holes have been specifically designed for vertical hooking.
      Signal distribution is obtained through the exclusive Syntax multipin connector (male or female), with 24 gold-plated pins for audio signal and 6 gold-plated pins for 75 Ohm video signal . Protection cap is provided.

      audio connection through 8 XLR panel (female or male) 3-pin connectors, arranged in  two lines of 4, one per each side. Video connection through 6 BNC panel connector s arranged in two lines of 3, one per each side, with earth connection detached from the frame.

      The audio interconnection between multipin connector and XLR connectors is arranged through a shielded balanced cable, made of 2 signal conductors, 1 drain wire and aluminium foil screen. The multipin connector cabling is attained through crimping, while the XLR connector cabling through soldering.
      The video interconnection between the multipin connector and BNC connectors is carried out through RG59 75 Ohm double-shielded cable, made of a one-signal conductor, a copper tinned braid shield and an aluminium foil screen. Video channel cabling is carried out through crimping to guarantee a good mechanical resistance and a steady impedance, avoiding signal loss.

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• Compliant with military standard Mil C 5015 & VG 95234.
• Aluminium alloy shells with high resistance black finish.
• Audible, visual and tactile indication of locking. 2000 mating cycles minimum.
• Ergonomic rubber covered locking ring for easy coupling.
• Bayonet lock with stainless steel ring.
• Gold plated machined contacts for quality signal transmission and long term reliability
• Insert manufactured with a high insulating chloroprene rubber: allowing easy contact
  insertion and removal during assembling and repairing.
• Cable gland  retention system, ensures waterproof sealing and good strain relief
  at the cable entry.

• IP 67 waterproof (when mated) for outdoor applications.

• IP67 waterproof  protection  caps when mated to the connectors.


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