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SSX 19 pin series
The best ever made.

The SSX 19-pin connector has been completely redesigned for the stablest coupling and the fastest wiring possible.
We made it indestructible,
safer and better-looking.
Socapex 419 series compatible.
UL Compliant

®, no compromise.

  • Heavy duty version

    Panel and inline

    The SYNTAX® SSX series, designed for professional applications and perfectly compatible with standard Socapex 419 series, is extremely robust being made of thick wall construction machined aluminium alloy, with a hard black anodized finish or black painted finish. The contacts insert is chloroprene rubber, which enables the use of removable contacts, either crimp or solder version. The unit is completely IP67 watertight when mated. Electrical safety and compliance is guaranteed by internal insulation of the shells, obtained through a safety insulating sleeve to prevent electric shock, as well as “first make last break” ground contacts. Grounding rings allow bussing of the ground contacts. Locking rings and backshells are designed for easy handling.
    panel female (photo 1)SSX19FV inline female (photo 2)
    SSX19MP panel male (photo 3)SSX19MV inline male (photo 4)

    Inline connectors - Associated products: Multicore power cables
    19 x 1,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1915T 19 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1925HP
    12 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1225T 19 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1925PUR
    19 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1925T  
    Energy cables SYNTAX®

  • Finger grip version

    Panel and inline

    Finger grip locking ring colors available: Black - Silver - Gold - Red (photo 1)
    Panel male (photo 2)Inline male (photo 3)

    Inline connectors - Associated products: Multicore power cables
    19 x 1,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1915T 19 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1925HP
    12 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1225T 19 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1925PUR
    19 x 2,5 mm² - Part N. 7ZF1925T  
    Energy cables SYNTAX®

  • New anti-rotation design

    New high-precision machined anti-rotation shell design

    As of 2012, all SSX male and female connectors are equipped with a Syntax proprietary anti-rotation design to prevent the spinning of an insulating insert within its shell.  The anti-rotation system features 3 large keys on the insert, physically displaced by 120 degrees from one another and interlocked with as many keys on the metal housing.
    The large size of the keys ensures that the interior is positively locked, thus putting an end to a long standing industry problem. The Syntax anti-rotation device was designed in 2011 and has been implemented in the production of SSX connectors since 2012. This new design is a 2018 upgrade.

  • SSX 19 pin - Connector Features

    A - Grub screw hole
    B - Anti-rotation insert
    C - Safety insulating sleeve
    D - Anti-twisting grub screw
    E - Double backshell tightening system
    F - M40 cable gland (15-32 mm)

  • Features for assembling and usage

    Shell tightening hex (Photo 1) - The standard version of the inline female features an external hex to tighten the connector’s front and back shells once wiring operations have been carried out.
    Double backshell tightening (Photo 2) - Once wiring is carried out, both circular knurling and machined housings for customized wrench jaws on the backshell’s edge contribute to easier locking. Machined housings for SVKT-KSW customized wrench and marked knurl ridges for SVKT-KSTRAP strap wrench.
      Insulation sleeve (Photo 3) - Total electrical safety! A thermoplastic 
      insulation sleeve is fitted inside the metal backshell of the connector for double insulation.
    Dust cap lacing (Photo 4) - A dedicated housing for dust cap lacing has been machined on the connector’s backshell. Dust cap is laced via a special high-resistance cable made up of seven stainless strands and covered by anti-scratch teflon black tubing, provided with standard dust cap.
    Anti-twisting grub screw (Photo 5) - Mating is obtained by twisting female and male connectors clockwise. As the backshell is tightened counterclockwise, the anti-twisting grub screw prevents unintentional unscrewing of the corrector’s backshell.

  • Colored locking rings

    Rubber coated
    The rubber coated version of the locking ring is now available also on the SSX 19 pin and 16 pin connectors series. For quick identification of your cables through color coding, four different colors are available: black (standard), red, blue, yellow. For other color options, feel free to contact our sales department. Below the rubber coat, we maintained the characteristics of our proprietary heavy-duty metal ring, that has been universally appreciated and has set a new standard in the industry as for strength and durability. The thougthful design of the locking-ring ensures optimal grip on the whole circumference and easy coupling. The thick wall inner metal ring, in fact, provides unparalleled resistance to all possible forms of abuse. It represents an evolution of the rubber-coated rings commonly found on the market and solves the problem of their being mechanically weaker compared to all-metal construction rings.
    Colored anodized locking rings
    Available colors on request: Blue - Red - Gold - Green - Purple - Silver (Photo 3 and 4)

  • New rounded edge female contacts

    A benchmark set on mechanical perfection

    The new design of the standard SSX female contacts features a rounded shape of the contact entry ports and allows smooth contact insertion inside the insulating insert with no damages on the pin cavities and positive contact placement and retention. The new design of the standard female contacts eliminates the need to use lubricants or guide pins to insert the contacts, greatly reducing assembling time.

  • Armored contacts

    An innovation on the SSX series

    This original Syntax component is provided with a protective jacket to improve contactation on SSX connector.
    - self-centered for a seamless connection
    - increased number of mating cycles
    - improved electrical conductivity
    - lower operating temperature

  • Advanced earth contacts

    As a standard, all SSX connectors are equipped with the 7 central contacts in an advanced position to obtain “first make last break” ground contact.

    • Common ground

      Two rings can be fitted to the central 7 contacts to create common grounding. (Optional)
      Part N.: SSXCMGRG (Gold) - SSXCMGRS (Silver)

    More info
  • 4, 6, 8 way grommets for SSX Spiders

    SYNTAX® SSX SPIDER connectors are alternative versions of the SSX 19 pin standard inline connectors, designed for quick and easy managing of breakout applications.
    The Syntax proprietary 4, 6 or 8 way rubber grommets, fitted in the cable gland, guarantee optimal cable retention and IP67 watertight seal for outdoor use.
    For breakout assemblies with 6 cable leads, the usage of Syntax® MAINFLEX cable is recommended for full IP67 waterproof protection and best handling.
    SSX 16 pin motor spider connector with M40 4-way grommet (photo 1 - 2)
    SSX 19 pin lighting spider connector with M50 6-way grommet (photo 3 - 4)
    SSX 16 pin speaker spider connector with M50 8-way grommet (photo 5 - 6)

    • SSX Spider assembling
      - Anti-rotation insert
      B - Safety insulating sleeve
      C - Anti-twisting grub screw
      D - Double backshell
            tightening system
      E - Wide backshell for
            easier wiring
      F - M50 cable gland
      G - 6-way rubber grommet
      H - Syntax® Mainflex cable

    More info
  • SSX 16 pin

    Speaker / Motor connector

    This version of the SSX connector is used in Speaker and Motor applications.
    It is supplied with 16 contacts and 3 anti-dust blind pins.

    Associated products
    Speaker cable 16 x 4,0 mm² - Part N. 7Z16SX40 Speaker cables SYNTAX®

  • Metric cable glands for SSX series

    1 connector and 3 cable glands options on the same backshell

    Thread Size M 40 x 1.5
    Model type: Reduced with a clamping range of 15 - 23 mm
    Model type: Normal with a clamping range of 19 - 28 mm
    Model type: Oversize with a clamping range of 22 - 32 mm

  • S2W 2-Way Splitter Box

    With Syntax® SSX 19 pin connectors

    S2W with Syntax® SSX 19 pin connectors (Soca standard). The S2W model  with 19 pin connectors is available with either silver-plated or gold-plated contacts. Standard and reverse versions are available (standard version in the photo). The reverse version differs from the standard only for the position where the INPUT connector is assembled (on the reverse version, the INPUT is inline with one of the OUTPUTS).
    Silver-plated contacts
    1 IN power, 2 x OUT Power, standard, p/n S2WSXCS000S 
    1 IN power, 2 x OUT Power, reverse,   p/n S2WSXCS000R 
    Gold-plated contacts
    1 IN power, 2 x OUT Power, standard, p/n S2WSXCG000S
    1 IN power, 2 x OUT Power, reverse,   p/n S2WSXCG000R
           nb: for the version with safety lacing add “-L” at the end of the p/n

  • SSX 19 pin - Lighting cables

    Splitters, extension and spiders

    Splitters, Extension cables & Spiders: our interpretation of wiring materials.
    Customized to manage lighting equipment. Safe and easy to wire.

    • SP19M6FBL-010 (1mt) - 015 (1,5mt) - 020 (2mt)

      Spider - Splitter

       1 x P/N  SSX19MVYGCMS - (Syntax SSX19 male)
       6 x P/N  Y213-6X - (CEE 17 16A 230V 3P female)
       mt ... P/N  7ZM0325 - Syntax Cable 3x2.5 mm²

    • SP6M19FBL-010 (1mt) - 015 (1,5mt) - 020 (2mt)

      Spider - Splitter

       6 x P/N  Y013-6X - (CEE 17 16A 230V 3P male)
       1 x P/N  SSX19FV-GCMS - (Syntax SSX19 female)
       mt ... P/N  7ZFM325 - Syntax Cable 3x2.5 mm²

    • EC19P25-L...

      Extension cable

       1 x P/N  SSX19MVYSCMPN - (Syntax SSX19 male)  EC19P25-L10  10 mt. cable lenght
       1 x P/N  SSX19FV-SCMPN - (Syntax SSX19 female)  EC19P25-L20  20 mt. cable lenght
       mt ... P/N  7ZF1925 - Syntax Cable 19x2.5 mm²  EC19P25-L...  cable lenght upon request

    More info
Other info

• Compliant
• Ingress protection: IP67-IEC 529 norms
• Salt atmosphere resistance: 96 h IEC 68-21-11
• Operating temperature: -55°C to +125°C
• Shell material: machined aluminium alloy
• Finish: anodized or black painted
• Thermoplastic rubber insert
• Cable gland retention: Metric M 40
• Spider cable gland retention: Metric M 50
• Silver or gold plated removable contacts for crimping or soldering  

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